Candace has unraveled new repertoire in her At the Keys piano series! Dreamy Collections and Cats Jammin’ Boogie & Blues books, released by Musical Journey Publications, LLC are receiving accolades from teachers and students.  Reminiscentia, Fall Fun, A Western Story, Halloween Fun, Mister Fussy Pants, and Three Little Waltzes have also been favorites in recent years. 

Featured in 2023 are exciting movements in her signature Scottish Artscapes collection and Irish Dance solo pieceAnimals in the Desert, Girls at the Piano, Boys at the Piano, Summer Fun, and many others are in the works! 

As a hymn writer, her newest traditional-style hymn, Shepherd Ever Lead Me, is making its mark in various church settings.   

Candace is known for "bringing the story to the song" in her writings and compositions. She is inspired by fulfilling the needs of others, whether it be for intimate piano settings, film, soundtracks, videos, church or student repertoire. She dedicates passion in each creative work. Her library of piano and choral works runs deep for audiences young and old.