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Candace Sutter, a modern American composer, songwriter and Christian artist, is generating much excitement with her music.  She recorded her first album, Open Your Heart, in April 2019 and released praise and worship song, Open Up for Us the Gates of Heaven to Christian radio. She Taught Him How to Pray shares God’s given wisdom to a mother, and Here Am I asks God to “send me.”

Candace recorded three original new praise and worship songs in Nashville, which are set to be released in 2023. The EP includes driving praise and worship song, Lord Almighty, Redeemed, a moving reflection of what Jesus endured for us to be redeemed, and contemporary song, Heal, which brings the reminder that God is “holding on the line” for when we need Him.

Released December 2022, Christmas Meditation Aria, Simple & Pure is a reflection of hymn beauty for piano and voice. This album and book features a beautiful collection of five traditional Christmas hymns. 

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Candace sutter


In her song, Redeemed, Candace shares the powerful message of being redeemed in Christ.


“Candace, your music is always beautiful, emotionally moving and inspired by God.”

Jerri N. (NCTM)

“You are awesome, Candace!  I love all your arrangements.  So beautiful and expressive!”

Maria J. (NCTM)

“So beautiful, what a talent you have...”

Linda B.

"God truly has blessed you with many talents."

Joan L.

“What a wonderful God given talent you have, Candace.”

Sharon S.